VRNTselects: Prince Shakur

Prince Shakur is a 26 year old writer, activist and video-maker from Cleveland, OH. Also a self-described lover of stories and slow traveler, Shakur shared what motivates his work and the impact he wants it to have on those that consume it. 

Graphics by John Pierron

Cleveland, Ohio

Prince Shakur, 26

“We need to write and create our own histories continuously because white supremacy is always trying to erase and murder us. I want a body of work and I want every black person to be given all the resources needed to make their own bodies of work.”

I want people to ask themselves questions about capitalism, dysfunctional families, what movement and world seeing means for black people. What it changes in us and how that change can be endlessly generative of beautiful things. I want to inspire other people to ask really tough questions and be brave enough to find some answers, about themselves, about the world, about capitalism.

When asked what inspires him most, Shakur answered: “The idea that the more that we live as ourselves, we encourage others to do the same.”

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