VRNTselects: Emilie Burch

Emilie Burch, 20, is a makeup artist who enjoys expressing herself through artistic, colorful work. From Newark, OH, Burch is an Ohio University student. 

Post by Jordan Schmitt

Newark, Ohio

Emilie Burch, 20

Makeup artists are able to learn from one another on social media. Burch gains a great deal of inspiration from: Jordi, itslikelymakeup on YouTube, Sydney @sydn4sty on Instagram, and optical illusionist artist Dani Yoon on Twitter.  

“These artists are so  creative in the styles and looks they do; very colorful and expressive or extremely intricate and extremely detailed work that blows your mind that people create such beautiful pieces of art on their body.”

When asked what motivates Burch to continue creating, she responded: 

“The freedom I feel when I do create makeup looks. There is something very empowering about being able to doodle on your face, creating whatever you want and then getting to see the final results after working for several hours. There is nothing else like being able to express yourself in the way you choose. It took me awhile to realize that even though I don’t do traditional art styles it doesn’t mean that I’m not creative in other formats, and doing makeup is one of those.”

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