3 Ways to Break Writer’s Block

Illustrations by Olivia Dutkewych

By Grace Dearing, Web Editor

In honor of National Novel Writing Month, it’s only fair to address the massive elephant in the room: writer’s block. Behind every bestselling novel is hours of staring at a blank laptop screen and countless papers scribbled with almost-plots, crumpled up and scattered around a trash bin.

Writer’s block gets to the best of us, and it can sometimes seem like there’s no way to break free of its hold on our brains. So, from one writer to another, here are my three best tips to rejuvenate your creativity:

Get outside
It may seem cliché, but getting outside is truly one of the best remedies for writer’s block. Being holed up at a desk all day long is enough to make your head spin, So, when you’re trying to force creativity on top of that, things start to get foggy. Even a short 10-minute walk outside to breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun on your face can refocus your mind and break out of the haze you’ve probably fallen into.

Give your brain a break
Some people may argue with me on this, but it’s not a bad thing to take a break and do something mind-numbing. One cause of writer’s block is that you’re simply thinking about it too hard. It’s during my hours of binge-watching Netflix or catching up on my YouTube watchlist in which I’m not worried about meeting a deadline that some of my best ideas come to me! 

Spend time with friends
My friends are my greatest source of inspiration. So, when I’m lacking creativity I make a point to spend some time with friends. Whether driving around listening to good music, having a good conversation or going out to dinner, I always feel more inspired when I have their energy around. 

For more tips on how to break writer’s block, check out this article from Writer’s Digest.

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