VRNTselects: Emma Dengler

Emma Dengler is a multimedia artist who creates her own unique designs. She works with digital art, ink, graphite, acrylic paint, charcoal, and even experiments with animation. Dengler is a 20-year-old Ohio University student from Harrison, OH. She aims to develop a solid style for her work 

Dengler hopes to influence her audience more than just visually. She implements specific themes intended to cause viewers to think. 

Harrison, Ohio

Emma Dengler, 20

“The theme used in my illustrations largely stem from existential curiosity and spirituality, so I would like my audience to become curious about those topics that may help them grow and learn about themselves,” Dengler said. 

She also feels a responsibility to create works that evoke positive emotions. Spreading joy is her primary goal. To Dengler, this is the biggest sign of success. 

“As someone who is healing from anxiety and depression on a regular basis, I feel a desire to spread joyous, empowering and peaceful messages to others. I want to use my skill set and passion to positively impact people emotionally and mentally.”

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