Easy and affordable St. Patty’s Outfits

By Jordan Schmitt, Head of PR

Repurpose an old green t-shirt!

There are so many ways to upcycle an old green t-shirt already in your closet! Using bleach is a trendy way to spice up a shirt. Dipping a shirt in bleach gives it an acid washed effect. You can also use a bleach pen to draw! Or, adding a V-neck or cropping an old shirt will help you get some more use out of it! 

Dress up a plain white tee with green tie-dye. 


Funky glasses are definitely in. A cute and fun frame is an easy way to celebrate. 


Green beads are a go-to classic, but there are other accessories you can use to compliment your look if you’re feeling something more stylish. You can add a belt or incorporate some jewelry. Hair clips, rings, earrings and bags are also a few ways to tie your green look together. 


Makeup is an easy way to show your holiday cheer with items you probably already own. Remember that palette you never use? Check it for some green! Throw on some green eye-shadow or eyeliner and boom! You’re in the holiday spirit. If you’re feeling crazy enough then head to a drug store and grab some green lipstick!

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