VRNTselects: Meet Our Founder

Graphics by Jordan Schmitt

Cleveland, OH

Cierra Boyd, 25

Cierra Boyd graduated from Ohio University in 2017 with a major in retail merchandise and fashion product development. During her time at Ohio University, Boyd helped found The Scene, a fashion publication rooted in diversity and representation. 

“I really didn’t feel like I fit in with other fashion publications on campus. I also felt like I wasn’t being heard when it came to voicing my ideas and there was really no representation with the other magazines on campus. This pushed me to start my own from people trying to discourage me from doing so,” said Boyd. 

From Cleveland, OH, the former fashion student began her own brand in 2017, FRISKMEGOOD™️. The brand produces sustainable high fashion and editorial pieces. With handmade and upcycled designs, gained a following for its vibrancy and unconventional materials. 

FriskMEGOOD got its name from a line of Rihanna’s song, “Rockstar.” Ironically enough, Slick Woods, a model from Rihanna’s team wore a coat by Boyd while walking in 2019 Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Now known as Variant Magazine, the magazine that Boyd helped to found in her college years is still going strong. 

“I think starting the publication really helped me grow into the leader I am today and really gave me the experience I needed to start my own business and it really prepared me to follow my passions,” said Boyd. 

Boyd hopes to stay connected with the organization and offer any support that she can to current Variant members as she continues to succeed in the fashion world.

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