Perseverance Through Challenges

By Madison Salyer, Editor-in-Chief

As another year of Variant comes to a close, so does my time at the
magazine. Being a member of Variant for four years has made my OU experience truly amazing, and as I say goodbye to my position, I think about the generation before me and the generations to come after.

Variant was created to acknowledge and celebrate our differences as individuals, and I am proud to say we continue to commit to these values.
When Variant first started, it focused primarily on fashion. Now, four years later, we’ve expanded to also touch on cultural and social issues, our experiences as college students and more.

In “Power of Representation,” (pg. 11) Jordan Schmitt, educates readers on issues that minorities face as they relate to the U.S. political system as well as the positive changes that are currently being made in our nation.

In this issue, Variant also shines a light on the individual experiences that impact one’s sense of power. Sophia Daugherty Muñoz, shares her story of finding hope while battling an eating disorder in “Consumed,” (pg. 5). As Variant continues to grow even after I graduate, we won’t forget where it all began.

Variant would not be here without the creative community within Athens which inspires and supports us constantly. It is because of people like Phil Berry, mentioned in “The Heart of Small Towns” (pg. 15) by Jorja Butt, that we feel at home.

Overall, this was a difficult year that caused many changes and obstacles, but Variant has come out stronger as a team, and I am pleased to be a part of this diversified group of talented young people. As the world progresses, I am confident that Variant will continue to learn, grow and produce content to empower all people. As our copy chief Ellie Roberto says, “The modern definition of luxury is desire, and it’s not exclusive (pg. 1).

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