Get To Know; Emily

Hello, I’m Emily Squance. I am a junior majoring in strategic communications with one minor in business analytics and one in psychology. I have been working for Variant Magazine since August 2020. 

Ohio University has many opportunities to learn and grow; fortunately I have discovered my passions of writing and design through working with Variant. You can find me either typing up a blog, designing an Instagram story, or even taking photos for my blogs. 

Working with the Variant team has provided me with a lot of insight and experience with how my future career in strategic communications might look. 

When I’m not working for Variant you can find me reading a book or going on an adventure. 

Athens has been one of the most welcoming and comforting towns I’ve ever been to and part of the adventures I like to go on just involve exploring what this beautiful town has to offer. Athens and Ohio University have taught me a lot about myself and more importantly, where I want to see myself after college.

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