‘Certified Lover Boy’ vs ‘Donda’

Image by Madison Kopp

By Sarah Osterle, Blogger

The biggest debate in 2021 in the music area is who did it best; Ye or Champagne Papi?

Kanye West and Drake have had many of their new songs be featured on several TikTok trends. Some samples of the songs include “Way 2 Sexy”, “Knife Talk”, “Jail”, and even “Moon”.

Many agree that Certified Lover Boy has many more bops than Donda but I’m here to give you some reasons that they are not comparable!

  1. Certified Lover Boy is more hype.

As much as I loved Kanye West’s new album, Drake really did pull through with this one. Drake really hit the target audience with half of his new songs being on the Top 100 songs for a few weeks now. And of course like I said before the TikTok trends have been skyrocketing with the release of this album. I will say that while I’m getting ready for a night out, “Way 2 Sexy” is top five on my playlist. 

2. Donda is more of an art piece.

Donda was created in honor of Kanye’s mother, Donda West. You can see even in the first song it is his mother’s name repeated throughout the whole song in strange rhythms. This is supposed to represent his mother’s last heart beats before she passed. Also, Kanye West had many viewing parties of this album before it even came out. Each viewing party symbolized the life of his mother. The last viewing party which was in Chicago, where Kanye grew up, showcased a burning house which symbolize her death. 

With all this being said I still think that they are on two different playing fields and therefore can not be compared to each other. It is almost like comparing Starry Night by Picasso to Jonah Hill. Neither are bad at all but neither are quite comparable.

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